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We founded Dems For Action because we absolutely believe in the need to preserve democracy at all levels of government, federal, state and local. We have seen that when lies have a louder voice than truth, the very foundation of our country is in peril. Progressives' biggest obstacle to electoral success is that we are constrained by reality. The other side is not.


We believe that we must do a better job of voicing our values and ideas. We set out on a mission to create a space where all progressives can access the tools needed to do just that. Our Avalanche web platform makes it simple to create and send expertly crafted messages paired with high-impact media content that will resonate with Americans. 


We believe that greater focus must be placed on developing new political talent and winning offices at the state and local levels. Using an assessment to examine races, provides us an opportunity to search out potential electoral success. Our support of a candidate means we can give them tools for a digital ground game, giving them a fighting chance. 


We understand the power of media and our candidates have access to our production services. This is a unique offering that brings significant value to any campaign. Helping candidates understand the power of video and how to best deliver their message, is a key component of our services. Mixing great imagery, with savvy political messaging to build name recognition and campaign awareness is where we excel. The experience gained by Truth Matters, in creating nearly 200 political ads, translates into significant support for the candidates we choose.


Finding political talent is exciting and rewarding. Creating solutions for some age-old problems is exhilarating. Winning elections is our reward. Our ambitions are driven by the tireless efforts of a small team, none of whom are rich in anything other than heart, commitment and a desire to help elect talented and committed progressive candidates.

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