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Welcome to Dems For Action. We are committed to providing every
candidate we invite to join us, with a menu of services that will help provide the best opportunity for success in your attempt to be elected to public office.

As part of our service, we ask all prospective candidates to fill in an induction form. This helps us better understand your campaign, so we can tailor services that will best serve your needs.


Dems For Action is an organization passionate about the need to preserve democracy and create a more equitable society. A society in which everyone has a voice, no family is left behind and no child goes to bed hungry. We believe that climate action will define this moment in history and we must rise to this critical challenge. We support racial, social, environmental and economic justice along with the imperative of a living wage. The freedom to find love with who you wish, should be just that, a FREEDOM, unhindered by bigotry or hate. We believe in the right of a woman to control her own reproductive health, without fear of prosecution by the state and that healthcare is a human right.

As you will appreciate, we have finite resources. Not every candidate will be a fit for our organisation. To speed up our assessment process, we ask you to ensure you feel comfortable with our values statement above before proceeding. Should you decide to go ahead, click the button below and provide the requested information. If your application is approved, you will be asked to submit a short 30 second piece to camera introducing yourself, the seat you are running for and a brief summary of the key points of your campaign platform.

Information you submit will be securely stored and not
shared with any outside organisation

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