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"As a non traditional,  grassroots candidate, not taking corporate donations, I’m grateful for the @DemsForAction team for the platform they’ve provided my candidacy, to include the level of support and services they offer, which is traditionally out of scope for a candidacy like mine."




It is our mission to find and help develop grassroots progressive candidates for Federal and State seats. Using a social media intensive strategy we will amplify their message and name recognition. We will connect candidates to each other, to policy initiatives and to partner accounts that match the candidate's platform and demographics. All services will be provided to the candidates free of charge.

Vet - Guide - Support - Develop -Amplify - Connect - Elect


We have lofty goals that span a decade of elections to take back state houses and federal seats. It’s time that the political make-up for our citizenry matches the political make-up of it's representation. But to get us there we need to fill state seats and expand the majority in Congress to end republican obstruction.


We are under no illusion, this is a massive challenge. At this early stage we are a small team, but we are dedicated, highly motivated and ready to invest our time and energy at no cost.


It is often said in life, ‘You get what you pay for’ However, this is an exception to that rule. DemsForAction is made up of a team with decades of experience in politics and content creation. We bring value to every candidate that we support and we are always looking for new political talent to join us. If you think you have what  it takes to be one of our candidates we would love to hear from you.

Our Values

Please take a moment to read our values statement below:

Dems For Action is an organization passionate about the need to preserve democracy and create a more equitable society. A society in which everyone has a voice, no family is left behind and no child goes to bed hungry. We believe that climate action will define this moment in history and we must rise to this critical challenge. We support racial, social, environmental and economic justice along with the imperative of a living wage. The freedom to find love with who you wish, should be just that, a FREEDOM, unhindered by bigotry or hate. We believe in the right of a woman to control her own reproductive health, without fear of prosecution by the state and that healthcare is a human right.


If you feel our values align with your values, please read on.

First Steps

As stated above our very first step is to vet you, your campaign and your race. Our reality is, we don’t have infinite resources to take on every worthy candidate, so if we do not invite you to join us, do not think we believe you are not a worthy candidate. We are simply making a call based on the resources we have available to meet your needs. 


We believe that running for office is an incredible act of bravery, especially in the current social media ecosystem, and we admire each and every one of you. We in fact do not take your ability to win this election as a primary criteria, because we know many of you will be back. We are simply managing the resources that we have so we can give every candidate we support the very best service available.


If after reading this introduction you feel you would like to join us, click the link below to provide us the details of your campaign and the demographics of your district.

Piece To Camera

After we review the information you provide, then you will be sent instructions to submit a short 45 second video that introduces you to our team. You can speak about your motivation for becoming a candidate, a few details about your platform or whatever you think we should know when evaluating your campaign.


As a candidate, we will guide you through a process designed to prepare you for a digital campaign strategy. There will be points at which we may re-evaluate how your needs are fitting within our structure, however, it is our intent and goal that every candidate makes it through this process and becomes a Dems For Action endorsed candidate. But much of that rests on your shoulders.



Your process through our system will involve your participation in an on-boarding Direct Message twitter room. This is designed to be a temporary residence for you as we work with you on understanding our process, and writing effective social media posts. You'll have access to our trainer's weekly sessions on using the various social media platforms. We will work with you on style and formatting your social media posts. You will also be receiving amplification of your posts through our amazing team of social media influencers. Amplification is a huge part of strategy and will grow your social media presence as well make sure your message is seen by a wider audience. Finally you will have access to graphics  to use in your posts through our MemeTeam6 graphics crew.


Welcome To Our Main Candidate Rooms - Tier One

When we move you out of onboarding you will be assigned a Twitter DM room that is either specific to your state, region or general US. You will continue to receive support from our staff on writing and graphics. You may also receive support from our content creators for video creation. You will connect with other candidates, organizations supporting grassroots candidates and campaign resources. There will be on-going evaluation here on your use of social media, your participation level in our system and the voice and message you've achieved through the process. Depending on this evaluation a few candidates will be selected for our Tier 2 system. We are very cognizant that the quality of our services will reflect directly on you and your campaign. Because we put quality top of mind, and Tier 2 is a very time and resource intensive process, we will not accept more people than we can provide top quality service to.

Advancing To Endorsed Candidate Status - Tier Two


If you are advanced to Tier 2, you will receive the full attention of content creators with writing, graphics and campaign video production resources for social media. (see below for detailed info on this process). This is a unique and very valuable opportunity available only to our endorsed candidates. It is not about creating a one off campaign video, it’s about delivering a media content service tailored to your campaign that can be embedded in your campaign for the duration. We really can’t emphasize enough how valuable this resource is. Video content is one of the most expensive resources for any campaign and many candidates simply can’t afford it. We are proud to offer our endorsed candidates this service completely free of charge. This then releases vital resources to be used on other critical elements of your campaign.

Our Rules For Your Involvement In Our System Will Include:


  • Dropping your campaign posts into your DM room for our influencers to amplify

  • Not dropping posts that call out your primary opponent if that opponent is also a DemsForAction candidate

  • Never tagging GOP or a GOP operative/candidate in the posts you drop into the DM for amplification 


At the end of this process we hope you will have won your race. We are here for the good times and the bad and if you don’t make it over the line, we’ll drown our sorrows together, dust ourselves off and prepare for next time.


We like to think of our candidates as our family. We nurture, we encourage and we are always looking to deliver the very best we can to help you succeed.


The Dems For Action Team

Made Your Decision?

Please note that as part of the signup process you will be asked to create a 6 digit PIN, so please ensure you are able to note this down and  save it.
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