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To find and develop grassroots progressive candidates for Federal, state executive, state legislative and local seats. Using a social media intensive strategy we will amplify their message and name recognition. We will connect candidates to each other, to policy initiatives and to partner accounts that match the candidate’s platform. We will reach across all demographics and races with Avalanche, our messaging platform that advances our progressive message and advances truth. Our mission is to help preserve democracy one day at a time.


Dems For Action is an organization passionate about the need to preserve democracy and create a more equitable society. A society in which everyone has a voice, no family is left behind and no child goes to bed hungry. We believe climate action will define this moment in history and we must rise to this challenge. We support racial, social, environmental and economic justice along with the imperative of a living wage. We believe in the freedom to love who you love and be the person you want to be. We believe in the right of a woman to control her own reproductive health, without fear of prosecution by the state and that healthcare is a human right. These goals are not socialism, they represent social responsibility in a world in desperate need of hope.

We believe in the good in people and the ambition of good people to make a difference. There is a deep well of political talent in America, that seeks to build a better, fairer society for future generations. It is our mission to seek out these people of substance and progressive values and help them gain elected office from school boards, to local and state, through to federal office.


These are lofty goals, but the American dream was built on the very same high ambition. We are under no illusion that we have a mountain to climb. To sustain us on that climb, these values will be our guiding light. 


As the late great John Lewis said, “My philosophy is very simple, when you see something that is not right, not fair, not just. Stand up, say something. Speak up and speak out.” 


We will not be silenced by those who are on a mission to serve themselves and take America to the brink of autocracy. Our mission is to tell the American people the truth and drown out the voices of hatred and fear who have no regard for democratic values. We are in the business of 'getting into good trouble, necessary trouble'.

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