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They say "no man is an island" and certainly no organization is effective without developing partnerships with those that share a vision and values. We have a bold vision that combines social media influencers, content creators, researchers, writers and policy advocates into a partnership with us and our selected candidates.  


Our primary objective is to look at every partner as a new opportunity to enhance our services. Every contribution of time and effort adds to the larger objective of delivering services that candidates, rely on and will hopefully see them elected to office.


Whether you join us in advancing a particular candidate’s campaign or want to join the Avalanche revolution - we would like to hear from you. In this moment, we must all come together and work towards our common goals. 


Electoral wins can come down to a few voters. If you get one person to the polls, you are an influencer. Do not let the size of your follower list deter you from joining us. Influencers are the heartbeat of Dems For Action, ​we place as much value on those amplifying our candidates, as the candidates themselves.

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