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There is no greater imperative than the preservation of democracy. The social media space has proved it can be the enemy of democracy, as those with autocratic intent have consistently used it to spread discrimination, hate and division. They succeed when good people fail to recognize that if it can be used for evil, it can be used for good.


​We are at a historic inflection point. Our children and our children's children, will judge us for what we do in this moment. This is not a 'wait and see mission' it's a here-and-now imperative to step forward and say “enough is enough.”


​For digital activism to work, the motives need to be crystal clear. We are on a group mission - it's not about followers and likes - it’s about our ability to collectively reach voters. For many, traditional ground game activities like door-knocking are not an option. If you are passionate about Democratic politics, have a few hours of free time and a social media account, come join us. Digital activism is the ultimate “work from anywhere” opportunity.


Come join a team with a clear mission and progressive values. Giving your time is a precious gift and we recognize this. As one of our team members, you will be encouraged to develop your talents and push yourself to deliver the very best of you in this quest to preserve democracy one day and one step at a time.

Please note that as part of the signup process you will be asked to create a 6 digit security code, so please ensure you are able to note this down and  save it.

Join - Collaborate - Support - Develop -Amplify - Connect - Elect

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