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Hi there,

Thanks for considering donating to the Avalanche Project. This has been a self-funded project for almost two years and represents the fruits of an enormous time and financial investment by just two people. With Avalanche we’ve closed the loop between message researchers, content creators and social media users, and provide an app that can post to multiple social media sites at once.

Your donation will be instrumental in delivering the system from a development environment into a high-availability scalable production environment. We value your donation and you can rest assured every cent will be used to improve, develop and expand the operation of Avalanche.

For those who would like to commit to a regular monthly donation, please select Become a patron to see available options. Please note you can cancel at any time and we have setup robust systems to ensure any cancellation is processed immediately. Be aware though that if you cancel within 3 days of your monthly payment date, the cancellation cannot be processed in time to stop the payment until the following month.

If you are able to donate using PayPal that is our preferred method as we have less fees and the transfer in most cases is instantaneous. If you can't and would prefer to pay using a credit card, then we have provided that facility too. The default amount is $10, but you can set whatever amount you like.

No child should go to bed hungry and no family should be left behind

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